Request dues extension

Deadline extension for membership dues

The Bylaws of The Junior League of Pensacola, Inc. require that annual dues be paid
by all eligible members. Dues are payable by March 1st and are delinquent April 1st. A fine of $20 shall be imposed if dues are not paid thirty (30) days of the original due date. Members who fail to pay dues within sixty (60) days of the due date shall be removed from membership (Bylaws, Section 4).

Members experiencing hardship may request a deadline extension as long as they request is posted prior to the dues deadline (March 1st).

Using the form below, you may formally request a dues deadline extension due to financial or other hardship. Remember, this must be submitted before March 1st.

Deadline request form

Example request

For your convenience, below is an example letter of request for a deadline extension due to financial hardship. Your experiences and situation are unique and specific to you, so please feel free to write your request in a way that best reflects that. The below is merely an outline or template for those who would prefer not to start “from scratch”.

From: Missy Julep
To: Lexie Thorsen

This letter is a formal request to you for help with the dues and fees for continuing my membership in the Junior League of Pensacola.

[ Include here a brief explanation of financial hardship or reason for requesting a deadline extension ]

I am not resigning from the League nor am I unwilling to pay membership dues; I am simply not in a situation where it would be possible to meet the current deadline.

Therefore, I propose that I pay a smaller amount over a longer period of time to meet the obligation, or until my circumstances change and I can pay the normal amount.

Thank you for the time and consideration you have given my situation. I would be happy to discuss the amount I need and am willing to be flexible. I hope to hear from you soon. I can be reached at ###-#### or at


A Valued Member