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Use your username and password below to access the members-only content. Your username is your First and Last name (capitalized) with a spacebar in between — the same way you would type it normally.

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Super Instant Tech Support

Below are some common questions about logging in to the website. Click on the titles to open up their descriptions. Hope this helps!

Reset my password


I forgot my username

Try your email address first – that is usually easier! The default username for members is first and last name, like this:

Firstname (spacebar) Lastname.

Capitalize your First and Last name, and don’t forget the spacebar.

I want a different username

Default usernames for members are whatever name was used on your membership application. Sometimes, this is a legal name or it could be a nickname.

Maybe you changed your name? Or go by another name? No worries.

Complete the form below and a volunteer from the Communications Committee will change your username. Once it’s done, you will get an email with your new login credentials!

I still can't log in!

Yikes! That is so frustrating. Sorry about that!

Here are some things to try before you throw your laptop across the room:

  1. Try a different email address
    It’s possible the email we have on file for you is your work email when you really want to use your personal email (or vice versa).
  2. Try a different spelling of your name
    Do you use a nickname? Or is your last name hyphenated? Your website username is whatever name is on file when you submitted your application to join our organization.
  3. Double check capitalization
    Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. That means you will need to capitalize your First and Last name. If your last name is hyphenated, it is likely that both are capitalized like this: Julie League-Lady.
  4. Don’t forget the spacebar
    The default username for members is first and last name, like this: Firstname (spacebar) Lastname. The spacebar is a special character that most people don’t use in their logins. We like them on our site because it is so much more readable!

Still having trouble? Email the webmaster at website@juniorleagueofpensacola.org. A volunteer will get back in touch with you soon with your username and password.