Mayoral Proclamation and An Hayward Honorary Member at Junior League of Pensacola meeting

Happy Birthday, JULEP!

Well, the 2017-2017 League year is off to a great (and busy) start! I am so excited to welcome all of our New Members to the League and to see all of our Actives again. ​

Going “all in”

We talked about going “all in” at our August 30th General Membership Meeting. So, what does that mean to you as a member?

Coaches want players on their team who are all in. Employers want to hire managers and associates who are all in. Nonprofits are no different, and depend on volunteers who go all in.

Are you ready to do that for the League?

We’ve seen positive changes in membership, revenue, and the vision of JL Pensacola in recent years. Now is the time to dig deep and pour your heart into the mission of our organization. I believe we’ve barely scratched the surface of realizing our full potential.

With dedication and hard work, we will continue to move forward. There is nothing that 300+ committed women can’t accomplish when we come together. Lets show our community what Junior League women are capable of as leaders!

Emphasis on training

In order to do that, we must continue to strengthen the League by utilizing all of the resources afforded to us through AJLI. I’m excited to see our leadership team gearing up to attend seminars and conferences that will no doubt make us a more effective force of trained volunteers.

Our GMMs are also undergoing a transformation. We’ve heard our members loud and clear: We are working toward implementing more training opportunities into our GMMs, including a new format for committee reports.

The goal for future meetings is to refocus on our mission: We’ll do this by investing our time not on soporific committee reports, but instead on training, on gaining and reinforcing relevant skills.

If you have suggestions for topics, please share them with us! Email the Membership Engagement Committee at with your topic requests for speakers and training opportunities.

Mayoral proclamation, honorary member induction

It was a great honor to have Mayor Ashton Hayward and his wife, An Hayward, with us last week. They were both amazed by positive energy in the room and enjoyed getting to meet many of you. For those who were unable to attend, Mayor Hayward proclaimed August 30, 2017 as a day of recognition for the League and in honor of our Charter Day. His grandmother was one of the founding members of JL Pensacola over 60 years ago. In her memory and to continue the Hayward family tradition of involvement, we inducted An Hayward as an honorary member of JL Pensacola.

What a powerful testimony they heard from Savannah and her mom, Katherine, about the impact we made on their lives through Preppin’ 4 Prom. It drives home the point that Drew Dudley made in the TED Talk we watched as part of our mission moment: you can change the world by simply making a difference in the life of one person.

If you’re willing to go all in, we can change the world…starting right here in our community.

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