We complement our community initiatives with advocacy and build public awareness on issues of health and nutrition, human trafficking, and women’s empowerment. The League has deep knowledge of the greater Pensacola Bay Area community. We are eager to share our hands-on experiences with other non-profits and local officials. Voluntarism opportunities are increasing and there are many organizations for individuals to give back. The Junior League of Pensacola is uniquely positioned with long standing partnerships and awareness in the community to enact sustainable change, and advocacy is a key leg in our seat at the table.

A history of advocacy and awareness

Over the last century, individual Junior Leagues have played an active role in educating the public on the pressing issues of the day and advocating for change, legislative or otherwise, on behalf of those who don’t have a voice.

PACs (Public Affairs Committees), SPACs (State Public Affairs Committees) and LICs (Legislative Issues Committees) are individual, apolitical Junior Leagues or coalitions of Junior Leagues within a state that form to educate and take action on public policy issues relevant to The Junior League Mission. Having begun to take shape in the 1930s, they are collectively governed by their member Leagues and the methods by which they operate vary by state as do the issues chosen for study and action.

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Our impact

The Junior League of Pensacola participates in the Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee.

JLSPAC is a non-partisan education and advocacy organization representing 22 Junior Leagues and over 11,000 women statewide. Together, we have monitored legislation and advocated for issues of importance to our members for almost 40 years.

SPAC takes action on state and national issues that affect our projects, priority issue areas and communities primarily by supporting legislation that we have identified as being critical to the work of our member Leagues, their community partners, and the lives of Florida women, children and families. We select legislation that aligns with our Position Statements which are reviewed and updated annually.

What makes our advocacy activities unique?

As Junior League members, we are recognized in our communities as non-profit leaders who have knowledge of issues that impact the children and families we serve. We have the opportunity to identify needs we encounter while volunteering and respond by proposing legislation or policy changes to address those needs. We provide a powerful and influential voice for issues and citizens who otherwise don’t have anyone to advocate for them.

Helpful Links

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