Cooking Sherried Mushroom Chicken

A Special Weeknight Delight

Need an easy entrée recipe that’s sure to impress?

Some Like It South’s “Sherried Mushroom Chicken” is a delicious meal that is easy enough to make on a busy weeknight. Even with a toddler underfoot and in and out of a nap the recipe was easy to balance. Be sure to plan accordingly though because the cook time is a little longer than I expected (and babies don’t like to wait!) however; the slow-cooked chicken is worth the wait!

You don’t use much sherry for this recipe and I wasn’t precise on the measuring the spices and it still turned out great.

I’ve gone ahead and cut the recipe in half and it was the perfect amount for two. Between the sherry and fresh rosemary I grabbed from the yard, the chicken had a unique and impressive flavor. I’ve paired the chicken with corn and a hearty salad.

*article by MWC

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