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2015 Market Basket Junior League of Pensacola

Market Basket

Sunday, February 18 at 5Eleven
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
“Moonlight & Magnolias”

The Junior League of Pensacola is excited to announce the return of Market Basket! We’ve brought it back with an intimate, upscale tasting and shopping experience. Join us this year for not only a day of shopping, but a garden party with en plein air booths under a classic white tent as well as indoor vendors.

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The Junior League of Pensacola has published two cookbooks which are sold year-round to support our programs and services: the award-winning Some Like It South and the hostess essential By Invitation Only. Continue reading “Cookbooks”

Preppin for prom

Preppin’ for Prom

Preppin’ for Prom is a program of the Junior League of Pensacola in which the purpose is to provide Escambia County high school students in need with the means and materials to attend their senior prom, a memorable once-in-a-lifetime event that we feel every high school student should have the opportunity to experience. Continue reading “Preppin’ for Prom”